Empty space
By Eirwen Trigg

As a child i stood in awe
gazing upwards toward the sky,
At his great big iron structure
that stood two hundred foot high.

Spanning the whole valley,
with Crumlin far below,
Below it, the Navigation pit, 
and a brown Ebbw river'd flow.

People looked like little ants
from the viaducts walkway,
Oh i wish that it was here
and standing to this day.

My memories are so clear
of this magnificent sight. 
But going over on the train
Would fill me full of fright

Then Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck
Came to Crumlin town,
To make a film called Arabesque
a film that's so well know.

That was the final role
as the viaduct was done.
Creaking girders swayed, 
and dismantling began.

Now there's just an empty space
where the viaduct used to be,
No longer there for us to see
it is now, just a memory.