Hello! My name is John. Croeso, Welcome to my web site.

Having been born and bred in Crumlin, Gwent, South Wales, I decided to create a Web Site about our once famous Viaduct.

On the "History" page I have researched the historical facts and briefly set out the main events of interest There is a contemporary architectural description with newspaper clips and extracts from "Humbers book on Iron Bridges", 1857.
The "Photographs" page contains many views of the Viaduct taken throughout it's existence.
There are also some stories and a poem relating to the Viaduct on another page.
From the Old/New link there is some very interesting photographs of old Crumlin with modern photographs taken from the same position as their earlier counterparts. On this page I have place some scrolling panoramas of various views around the Crumlin area.

I have also added a page about Hengoed Viaduct. This will be found within the "Photographs" page.

I hope you find it interesting and you get some pleasure from your visit and if you visit again sometime, maybe you'll see extra articles and pictures, because I hope to develop this Web Site further as I am always on the look out for any material concerning the Viaduct.

So if anyone has anything of interest relating to the Viaduct, i.e. pictures, photographs or stories and would like to share it with others by placing it on this web site please get in touch.

I would like to say thank you very much to all who have already contributed items.

Finally I would appreciate it if you would let know what you think about my web site by adding your comments to my guest-book.

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